Universal Hosting offers a wide range of services ranging from small shared hosting accounts and cloud web hosting to large, high performance dedicated servers with terabytes of storage space.

Simple - Reliable - Affordable

We use state of the art, newest generation servers and infrastructure. Our dedicated and shared servers are hosted on high density and high efficiency Dell PE servers.

Shared, cluster based cPanel hosting with a dedicated MySQL and DNS backend with full IPv6 support.

Why Choose Us

We use on the most most top-of-the-line servers, switches, and datacenter systems. We own all of our systems and facilities and never use shared or colocated hosting to store or handle user data. For us, privacy and reliablity isin't just a goal, it's a promise.

  • Modern hardware and datacenters
  • Experienced and certified staff
  • Green datacenters and facilities
  • Flexible hosting options and plans

Our Skills

Shared Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

reseller Hosting


Meet Our Team

Pavel Glukhikh
CEO and Founder
Nick Pais
COO and Co-Founder
Patrick Kay
Chief Technology Officer
Wilson Rodriguez
Media Manager

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