Our Network

We operate a global, high capacity network with an advanced service mesh called UHX EDGE.

Vint Hill, US

High capacity, new datacenter built in 2019.

Speedtest UHXVA-1

New Orleans, LA.

UHX Owned Tier 3 Datacenter
UHX, ATT, Cox Communications

Speedtest Comming Soon

Miami, FL

Quadranet Shared Facility
Built to withstand Cat 5 huricane.

Download Test 1
Download Test 2

More Locations Comming Soon

We fully own and operate the datacenters in most primary locations, the secondary and support locations are rented floor space of our infrastructure provider partners.

Fast Service Deployment

Depending on the product, we have multiple worldwide and nationwide locations available. All of our locations feature fast deployment, provisioning and activation, usually within around 10 minutes.

Localized Peering

Our network engineers are continuously optimizing thier routing to ensure low latency and high bandwidth across all datacenter locations. Customers additionally have the option to request custom routing, and custom bandwith requirements.

Custting-Edge Infrastructure

We operate an advanced service mesh that connects our datacenters and infrastrcture to our customers called UHX EDGE.

  • Containerized internal applications and hosting
  • Full-stack APM and end to end monitoring
  • Advanced automation systems
  • Self-healing service mesh
  • Support technicians available 24/7

Our primary locations offer additional advanced features, custom services and deployment options suited for mission critical and enterprise services.

So....why Why choose us?

There are plenty of hosting providers out there, so why should you Why choose us? Here's why:

User privacy. We never do business with a single analytics provider. We use geolocation and analytics tools for security only. You will never see targeted ads or emails from us. Critical service communications only.

Minimal contact. No ads. No analytics. Ever.

We strive to maintain our operations as transparent as possible. If there is an issue, we describe it in technical detail and in simple terms, immediately. We also work hard to ensure fast responce times and the best support for our customers.

Transparent Operations, every time.

We don't use SaaS billing, hourly rates or any nonsense most most hosting providers do. What you see on your screen is what leaves your account. Every time. Support and migration services are also included in most of our plans.

Competitive, straightforward pricing.

Don't see a plan that fits your needs?

Our team can provide you with the best custom hosting services of any hosting provider, no matter if you are a small business or large enterprise.

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